WWE Live India: ‘Modern Day Maharaja’ Jinder Mahal accepts Triple H’s challenge for one-on-one match

New Delhi: The ‘Modern Day Maharaja’ Jinder Mahal has accepted Triple H’s challenge for a dream fight during WWE tour of India on December 8 and 9 in New Delhi. Replying to Triple H’s tweet, the former WWE champion agreed to wrestle ‘the game’ in front of the Indian crowd. As per the set match-cards, Mahal was supposed to face Kevin Owens in WWE Championship fight. However, Indian-origin wrestler lost the title to AJ Styles in SmackDown Live last week. With Mahal’s six-month title reign coming to an end, The King of Kings had tweeted a video asking fans if they want to see him compete in India.
Replying to Triple H’s tweet, Jinder said, “@TripleH not only the biggest match in Indian History, but also of my career. Consider the challenge accepted by me, now @wweindia and #wweuniverse India let’s all make this happen.”
Jinder who felt honoured by Triple H’s challenge, said, “I’m honored that you considered me as an opponent in India, in New Delhi. But I must warn you Triple H…you may be the King of Kings but I’m The Modern Day Maharaja and I’m simply unstoppable when I have my people with me. So Delhi walo? Dasso yeh match dekhna chahte hoh aap? Humara Jinder Mahal vs Triple H. Dasso? (So Delhi people, do you want to see Jinder Mahal vs Triple H? Tell),” he added.
Earlier, WWE COO and former World Champion Triple H had said, “I decided India that if you want it bad enough, I will reply you. Let me hear your voice and if it is loud enough then I’ll return to New Delhi on December 9 and I will step into that ring to compete. But, it won’t be against just anybody. It will be for the biggest match in India’s history. It will be Modern Day Maharaja Jinder Mahal, the former WWE champion against the King of Kings, The Game, The Cerebral Assassin.”
Calling it the biggest match in Indian history, Triple H said that he could compete but the question is if India and Jinder Mahal are ready for it.
“@WWEIndia…@JinderMahal…I only have one question for you…the question is…India, Jinder Mahal…are you ready?” he concluded.

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