Tribal family which hosted Amit Shah for lunch now isolated by community

Kolkatta: Remember the Mahali family of Naxalbari, who offered lunch to BJP president Amit Shah? Well, they’re now in trouble due to a political tug of war between the BJP and the TMC.
The Mahali family is now isolated in their village. After lunch with BJP President on April 25, 9 days later they joined TMC. But after 6 months of that incident, now the family are facing ignorance of TMC and BJP, both party’s leaders.
After the Mahali joined the TMC, state tourism minister Gautam Deb said, “This family is in a lot of financial trouble. I will assist them with government and social securities. They have decided to join the TMC after being convinced with Mamata Banerjee’s immense developmental work in the state.”
Neighbors and other villagers have no sympathy for the Mahalis and take potshots at them every day.
“Neighbors are thinking since we’ve joined Trinamool, we’ve become rich. After BJP President Amit Shah’s lunch, we thought that our good time is coming soon. But we were wrong. TMC made so many promises but we got nothing. The situation is worse now. Even panchayat members ignore us. We are isolated,” said Gita, a member of the Mahali family.
Why is the Mahali family being ostracized? Neighbors and villagers alleged they’re “greedy”.
“I organized President Amit Shah’s lunch with Mahali family, but after that incident, you all know what happened. I also helped Gita Mahali get NREGA job at a tea garden,” claimed Panchayat member and BJP worker Sadhana Mondal said
However, Gita alleged she did not get wages from the NREGA project. She also claimed that she’d applied for a LPG cylinder through BJP leaders, but they’d yet to receive an LPG connection. So, they are
There’re four members in the Mahali family. They live on only one meal a day. Due to extreme poverty, the family members are malnourished.
CPM leader of Naxalbari Gautam Ghosh said, “I knew BJP and TMC, both parties will play dirty game with Mahali family. Let’s see the end of this drama.”

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