Tejas Express returns with smashed LCDs, stolen headphones and soiled toilets

Mumbai: We often blame railway authorities for the abysmal condition of Indian railways. However, we often forget how we should behave with public property. And just when the government tried to provide us with better transportation facilities by launching the high-speech, semi-luxurious Tejas express, we Indians forgot to appreciate the government’s endeavors.
Launching a high speed train with a speed of 200 kmph, Tejas Express was launched amidst much fanfare. This semi-luxurious train was flagged off to Goa on May 22 from Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai and returned from its trip on May 23.
The train, also hailed as ‘aero plane running on the ground’ is equipped with modern amenities like LCDs, WiFi, tea and coffee-vending machines, CCTVs, bio toilets and touch-less taps and runs at the speed of 200 kmph.
However, it seems like we Indians don’t know how to use things in a civil manner. On its maiden journey from Mumbai to Goa, train windows were smashed, headphones were stolen and the toilets were soiled.
An official told Mumbai Mirror, “The headphones were distributed just after the journey commenced. There wasn’t an announcement to return the headphones because we expected passengers to not carry them away, just like they don’t take away pillows and blankets.”
According to Hindustan Times, a passenger, on second day said, “The train was not properly cleaned. Toilets too were unclean. Attendants were ignorant. The food was not as good as during the inaugural run.”
The train will run five days a week – Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday— during the non-monsoon period and costs Rs 1190 for an AC seat and Rs 2590 for an AC executive seat. The onus of being passengers while travelling is on the common public and without our support, no cleanliness initiative can materialize.

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