Satta bazaar gives BJP 230 UP seats in early trends, might change in 3rd, 4th phase

By Atul Krishan
Hapur, Jan 19 (IANS)
Ahead of the first phase of polling in Uttar Pradesh the Hapur market has predicted the return of the BJP to power — the first time since the last 21 years as no government could return to power. The satta bazaar which operates very secretively has betted on the BJP. The prediction is that after early losses the BJP will emerge as the winner with an absolute majority.
The bookies who run the satta bazaar are giving 230 seats to the BJP in the UP Assembly elections in their early trends. They are also taking the help of various professionals to run the satta bazaar and to keep themselves safe from the clutches of the police.
They are buying paid service, betting only with trusted customers and relying on professionals to run their racket. IANS spoke to different bookies to know about their changed methods and who they were making the king of UP elections.
They told IANS that as of now they were looking at the BJP as the strong player in the elections, the Samajwadi Party was their second choice to which they were giving 130 seats. The Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party were not given any seats as of now in the first phase of the elections. They told IANS that after the first phase of election the trend might change but it would not be a major change. As per their trend the BJP is getting fewer seats than in the previous elections but also becoming a major party.
“We are offering 1000 for 1000 as of now for BJP. After the first phase of elections, this might change into 1000 to 5000 or 10,000 depending on the current trends,” said the bookie.
He said in the second and third phase they will open the price for the Congress and the AAP. In the first phase they have not given any option for these two parties.
“After each phase the situation will change. We will be able to comment on the Congress after the third phase. This phase will give us an idea about how many seats the Congress is going to bag. The seats of the BSP will also be decided in the third phase. The fourth phase will make it clear to us whether the AAP is going to affect the elections or not. The rest of the phases of the elections will only swing the betting price,” said the bookie.
The satta bazaar is saying that the BJP will suffer a loss of 60 to 70 seats but as of now the saffron party was a strong candidate. That the Samajwadi Party will be able to bag more than 130 seats or not will be clear in the fourth phase of the elections.

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