‘Rs 50K stipend, 5 hrs of work’: Gen Z intern’s demands during interview

‘Rs 50K stipend, 5 hrs of work’: Gen Z intern’s demands during interview (Representational Image) /IANS

New Delhi, July 21 (IANS) A Twitter user shared an interesting experience she had interviewing a candidate for the position of intern, in which she stated that the Gen Z aspirant asked for a Rs 50,000 stipend and five hours of work to maintain a work-life balance.

Sameera Khan, the Director of People Success at Infeedo, recently tweeted her experience interviewing a Gen Z youth, saying: “I was interviewing a GenZ intern today and he says he is looking for work-life balance with not more than 5 hours of work”.

He intern also stated that he dislikes MNC culture and would prefer to work at a startup.

“Doesn’t like the MNC culture so wants to work at a start-up. Also, wants 40-50k stipend. God bless the future of work,” Khan added.

The post has sparked a debate on Twitter about Gen Z’s desire for work-life balance among social media users.

“Wow, a GenZ intern already mastering the art of demanding the impossible? Impressive. Good luck finding a start-up that pays you 40-50k for 5 hours of work. Let me know if you find a unicorn while you’re at it,” a user wrote.

“So true! Just met a young cousin who rejected a ‘9-5’ because it interrupted his ‘prime gaming hours’. The future is fascinating,” another user said.

However, there was also a group of people who agreed with Gen Z’s concept of work.

A user commented, “Interesting take! I love the fact that they are setting up their priorities and value their time and work-life balance which is non-existent for most Indian employees. He will learn a couple of things with time. Nothing to laugh about here”.

Another user wrote, “Embracing new perspectives! It’s inspiring to see GenZ prioritising work-life balance and seeking a fulfilling environment. Wishing them the best in finding the perfect fit”.

The post has gone viral with over seven lakh views and more than 6,000 likes on Twitter.

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