Vastu Tips for Nursery

Vastu Tips for Nursery

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Plant nursery is the place where happiness grows, as you know plants and flowers bring smile on everyone’s face. Also, flowers have direct connection with nature and our body is influenced by nature. Its always good to stay near natural environments and plants help us to stay fresh. So get some plants and make your home or office lively. Vastu does plan important while designing nursery. Generally, nursery are mainly in countryside, which helps plants to grow naturally by getting sunlight, easy access to water and open area. So, if you are planning to have something where you can grow plants, flowers and vegetables have that piece of land to be Vastu Compliant. Either you buy new location or if you have existing location, try making some basic changes to the premises and you will see business growth. Mainly nursery is wide open space, so its easily to rearrange. Also, in such garden where you can grow different plants and its done according to season. First thing, one need to take case is entry and exit, so if its only one entry then make it clockwise. Otherwise you can have 2 different entrances, in that case one of the entrances has to be in East side. In case of plant nursery main resource is water and in accordance with Vastu Shastra it has specific direction to store water. Generally North side is ideal place to have water storage. Secondly arranging plants are very importance in accordance with their color and size. In case of herbs plants, it should be in North-West as well arrange them keeping specific distance from each other. Cash counter or tills should be in South, where client pays after selecting their choice of plant. Also packing material and marketing material should be placed at specific corner according to availability of space. Also, if you are selling garden stuff, then keep them into West side. There specific corner for corner for cactus plants, as you know generally cactus plants are not advisable in home as per Vastu Shastra. However, color combination also helps to grow business, so make sure you use specific color. Altogether this small tip will help you to bring prosperity & happiness among customer visit our nursery as well harmony among our staff members. Nowadays customer service is key in any business, so your knowledge of plants and its benefit will put you at next level. Kalpesh Joshi. Principal Vastu Consultant Vastu Vision Inc. 1 888 41 VASTU (82788)

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