Now, ruckus in Raj Congress over Youth Congress appointments

Jaipur, Sep 5 (IANS): The recent appointments being made in the Youth Congress have created a ruckus in Rajasthan Congress, as veteran leaders have started questioning the appointment of fresh candidates.
Youth Board President Sitaram Lamba has written to Srinivas Biwi, raising questions on the 14 appointments made in the Youth Congress on Sunday
Sitaram Lamba has raised questions on the direct appointment of Sagar Sharma, son of Gujarat in-charge Raghu Sharma, as senior vice president. Dushyant Raj Singh, the nephew of state minister Pratap Singh Khachariyawas, has also been made senior vice president. Political controversy has started in the party over these appointments.
Lamba in his tweet has questioned the appointments in the Youth Congress and said, “Is this the internal democracy the Youth Congress is left with? Those who are not even members of the Indian Youth Congress, have been directly made senior vice president of the state without any organisation elections. Top leadership is requested to reconsider the list.”
Harpal Singh Chudasama, who was made the Rajasthan in-charge of Youth Congress and now the state president of Gujarat, had made 14 appointments two days ago.
Of these, four senior vice-presidents, nine vice-presidents and one organisation general secretary were appointed.
Two of the four senior vice presidents are under question. Sagar Sharma, son of Gujarat in-charge Raghu Sharma, has been made the senior vice president directly. Earlier, he did not hold any post in the organisation.
Generally, there has been a tradition of elevating office-bearers step by step, but now there is controversy over giving a big post like senior vice president directly to Raghu Sharma’s son.

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