Truss trounces Sunak in Tory leadership battle, to be next UK PM

Truss trounces Sunak in Tory leadership battle, to be next UK PM

Truss and Sunak face off in televised debate for British premiership.(photo:Twitter/@SkyNews)

London, Sep 5 (IANS) UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss was on Monday announced the victor of the contest for the Conservative Party leader, defeating former Chancelllor of Exchequer Rishi Sunak, and paving the way for her to become the next Prime Minister. Truss, who succeeds Boris Johnson, will be the third woman Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May, all of from her Conservative Party. Announcing the results, 1922 Committee chief, Sir Graham Brady said Truss won 81,326 votes, or over 57 per cent, compared to Sunak's 60,399 votes. There was a turnout of 82.6 per cent of the over 170,000 registered party voters, he added. In her brief address on the occasion, Truss thanked the party for "organising one of the longest job interviews in history", as well as her supporters. She praised her rivals, particularly Sunak, saying that the campaign was "hard-fought" and showed "the depth and breadth of talent" in the party. Truss pledged to follow through on her promises to voters, saying the Tory party needs to show it can deliver over the next two years, and that she has a "bold plan" to cut taxes and grow the UK economy. On the rising energy bills, she says she will "deliver" when it comes to crisis by not only dealing with bills but also the long term supply issues.

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