Keira Knightley: Sienne Miller Is Better In Dealing With Media Attention

December 15, 2010 : The Pirates of the Caribbean girl Keira Knightley got name and fame at a very early age but could not manage it properly. The 25 year old actress says that something in her almost broke because of being so famous.

Keira is very appreciative about her The Edge Of Love co-star Sienne Miller. She says that Sienne is quite good handling such pressure of constant media attention. The actress says that she had to struggle a lot to deal with the media attention. The Pride and Prejudice girl says that she was told that she would be left alone if she does not attend parties and opening events but even if she avoided all of them, she was never left alone.

However, the Academy Award nominated actress knows that all these are part of her job and she will have to manage them. She says that she could never overcome the fear of being so famous. Keira says that she prefers to put on clothes and hats even if she is aware of the fact that people would not like her in that way. She says that she is very shy naturally and that is one thing she could not avoid even today.

Knightley added that she started at a very young age and constantly worked for Pirates of the Caribbean movies from the age of 17 to 21. It seems that Keira could not still come out of her love for privacy and her star status is coming her way to protect this.

Paparazzi were always behind these two ladies Sienna and Keira, who play the two girls in love with the same man in The Edge Of Love. Keira could not handle it and thought that her co-star Sienne was always better in that job. She thinks that this particular attitude of her can make her unpopular with some people but she is quite comfortable with that.

Well, we hope Keira learns the tricks of the trade soon from Sienne and gets comfortable with paparazzi attention.

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