Karenjit Kaur : The Untold Story of Sunny Leone – ZEE5 original presents the boldest biopic ever

Mumbai: While many are lauding Sanjay Dutt’s courage to talk about his controversial life on the big screen with Rajkumar Hirani and Ranbir Kapoor film ‘Sanju’, Sunny Leone has gone a step ahead and featured in her own web series which talks about her unconventional life choices.
Sunny Leone’s much-awaited auto biopic on ZEE5, ‘Karenjit Kaur – the untold story of Sunny Leone’ trailer is going to leave you intrigued for sure.
‘Karenjit Kaur – the untold story of Sunny Leone’ trailer begins with present-day Sunny Leone sitting in a make-up room. She is getting ready for an interview where the anchor introduces her as actress loved in India as much as she hated by many. It takes her back in time where it all began. Sunny Leone was born as Karenjit Kaur Vohra to an Indian family in Canada. The trailer depicts her struggles as a teenager and how her family’s financial condition lead her to become an adult movie star.
The trailer also highlights how her brother Sundeep has stood by her in ups and downs and even he was the first family member to know that Sunny had posed for Penthouse magazine. While the family was happy with the money coming in, they also became curious about the source. The two and a half minute trailer highlights her journey Karenjit to Sunny, the moment when she told her her parents about her choice of career and what happened then.
‘Karenjit Kaur – the untold story of Sunny Leone’ also has a reference to 2016 TV interview where she faced sexist and misogynist questions with grace and confidence on camera. The trailer ends with the hard-hitting dialogue that sums up her life. When asked that many assume that there is is no difference between an adult star and a porn star. Sunny Leone replies, ‘There is one similar…GUTS’.
So, all those who are expecting this web series to be a sleaze fest. ‘Karenjit Kaur – the untold story of Sunny Leone’ is not meant for you!
True to her one-liner, ‘My life will soon be an open book!’,‘Karenjit Kaur – the untold story of Sunny Leone’ captures her journey from #KarenjitKaur to #Sunny Leone.
The true story directed by Aditya Datt goes on live on ZEE5 on July 16th.

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