Gujarat tableau on R-Day to showcase 1922 Pal Dadhvav martyrs

Gandhinagar, Jan 22 (IANS) The Gujarat tableau at the Republic Day parade this year will depict the massacre of Pal and Dadhvav villages of Sabarkantha in which 1,200 tribal people were martyred in 1922 while protesting against the British rule.
Led by Motilal Tejawat, a number of tribal people had gathered on the banks of Her river to protest against the land revenue system and laws related to Jagirdar and Rajwada imposed by the British rulers on March 7, 1922.
Following a firing order issued by Major H.G. Sutton, around 1,200 tribals were reportedly martyred on that fateful day. It is also said that wells in the area were filled with the bodies of the tribal people.
The Gujarat tableau on Republic Day will depict the 1922 incident. It will have a 7-foot statue of Motilal Tejawat, besides a statue of the British officer and others. A total of six artistes will perform on the tableau.
The two wells named Dhekhadiya Kuva and Dudhiya Kuva, said to be the graveyards of the martyrs, will also be a part of the tableau. A representation of two earthen horses will be made on both sides of the tableau.
Traditional β€˜Ger’ dance and music will be performed by the tribal artistes of Poshina taluka of Sabarkantha.

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