Celebrations pour in US as Biden clinches presidency

By Reena Bhardwaj
Washington [US], November 8 (ANI):
Celebrations broke out across America with pedestrians dancing in the streets, motorists honking horns, and cheers filling the air as Joe Biden was named the next President of the United States. Biden was announced as the next president at 11:25 am on Saturday morning by television networks. That is when the celebrations took off in every street across the US. Votes in Philadelphia propelled his margin in the crucial swing state of Pennsylvania over the edge taking him to 279 electoral votes.
Kamala Harris, his running mate, becomes the first female, and the first black and Asian-American Vice President.
Isac, a Biden supporter, told ANI what this win meant for minorities, especially black and brown communities for democracy for non-violence and racism and its policies, how it had broken communities, how it had damaged what the US is supposed to stand for.
“This is a new chapter for American democracy that while we know Biden still has a lot of work to do. We are so glad to be able to push him so that he passes the policies that are good for undocumented folks, or black people for better health care for all because we knew that with Trump that was not gonna happen. So we’re so excited,” he said.
“We make sure that this administration actually makes it better for everybody in the US,” Isac added.
Meanwhile, Shane, another supporter of the Democratic presidential nominee, said that his win meant four years of really hard work by ‘a lot’ of people.
“This means a lot. This means four years of really, really hard work by a lot of people. We have a lot of excitement for the next four years too now,” he said.
Biden on Saturday became the President-elect of the United States after victory in the battleground state of Pennsylvania which took him past the electoral college threshold of 270 votes.
The Democratic presidential candidate defeated President Donald Trump in a closely contested election and will be the 46th president of the United States.
With this, Kamala Harris, his running mate, will become the first female vice president, and the first black and Asian-American vice president.

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