New York is a party! It’s the deepest cut for Trump

New York, Nov 7 (IANS)
Hastily scrawled signs screaming “You’re fired”, “Bye, bye Trump!”, “Don’t be a sore loser!” and chants of “Ka-ma-la, Ka-ma-la, Ka-ma-la” – the sights and sounds of New York City on November 7, 2020 must be especially hard for US president Donald Trump.
Rarely has a president’s hometown been so delighted by his defeat.
New York, where the president’s gold-ish and eponymous ‘Trump Tower’ is located, has gone absolutely dizzy celebrating Joe Biden’s victory in the US 2020 election.
A trombonist played ‘Hail to the Chief’ on the stairs outside his home, others looked out of their balconies, smiling and blowing kisses in the wind.
“Couldn’t care less!” is how revelers are reacting to Trump’s promised legal fight.
Banging pots and pans, popping champagne bottles, honking, dancing and singing and the sound of cowbells – it’s all happening here and it’s going to continue all day and through the night.
“It feels like we’ve been lifted out of some oppression,” said a young woman, while bobbing to the ambient music blasting through Times Square.
“It looks like joy but it’s just a huge, huge relief. I can breathe easy now!,” said an out of work theater actor.
New York Times posted its Sunday Page One a full day ahead. In it, a vertical picture of Biden and Harris with a three word banner headline: Biden beats Trump.
“Character matters after all, thank god”, said a Broadway actor.
Mary Trump, the president’s niece, posted a photo tweet, where she’s holding a glass of bubbly: “To America. Thanks, guys.”

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