A monkey thief, an old man & Rs 12K of torn currency

Sitapur (Uttar Pradesh), Dec 23 (IANS) A monkey created ruckus at the Vikas Bhawan registry office in Sitapur district in Uttar Pradesh when he snatched a bag full of currency notes from an old man and climbed on to a tree.
The incident took place on Tuesday evening.
As the old man, Bhagwan Din, frantically searched for the simian, it started taking out the Rs 500 notes form the bag and began throwing them down.
As the currency notes began flying down, a huge crowd collected on the spot.
Bhagwan Din offered bananas to the monkey thief, but it would not relent.
Some people tried to climb the tree and snatch the bag back form the money but their efforts went in vain.
Finally, after about an hour, the monkey threw down the bag and the people there collected the money and returned it to the old man.
Bhagwan Din said that his bag contained Rs 4 lakh, which he had brought to register a property.
The monkey tore up currency notes worth Rs 10,000 to Rs 12,000.

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