Work to form multi-polar world order will continue, says Putin after beginning fifth presidential term

Work to form multi-polar world order will continue, says Putin after beginning fifth presidential term. — IANS

Moscow, April 7 (IANS) Promising continuation of his efforts to form a “multipolar world order” and an “equal and indivisible security system”, Vladimir Putin, who took office as President of Russia for the fifth time on Tuesday, said that Moscow remains open to strengthening good relations with all countries that see it as a “reliable and honest partner”.

“We do not refuse dialogue with Western states. The choice is theirs: do they intend to continue trying to restrain the development of Russia, continue the policy of aggression, continuous pressure on our country for years, or look for a path to cooperation and peace,” he said after the ceremony held at St. Andrew’s Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace which marked the beginning his new six-year presidential term.

The 71-year-old leader was quick to add that the conversation – including on issues of security and strategic stability – is possible “only on equal terms, respecting each other’s interests” and “not from a position of strength”.

“Together with our partners in Eurasian integration and other sovereign development centres, we will continue to work to form a multipolar world order and an equal and indivisible security system,” he added.

The ceremony began with the ceremonial introduction of the State Flag of Russia, the Standard of the President, the Constitution of Russia and the Badge of the President of Russia.

Elected with 87 per cent of the vote, Putin took the oath to the people of Russia following which Valery Zorkin, Chairman of the Constitutional Court, announced his assumption as President of the Russian Federation. Later, the Presidential Regiment was presented to Putin, who is also the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

“I am confident that we will pass through this difficult, milestone period with dignity, become even stronger and will definitely implement long-term plans and large-scale projects aimed at achieving development goals,” said Putin.

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