You're bloody smart

Who would have thought that their blood group can determine how you look. But experts believe that a diet based on your blood group will not just help in losing weight but also improve your overall health. The sexy Cheryl Cole owes her fabulous figure to her diet that is customized according to her blood group.

Anjali Tripathi, a Delhi-based dietician says, “Each blood group has its own unique antigen that reacts to certain foods, leading to all sorts of potential health problems.

Apart from the A, B, AB or O blood types, there is another antigen Rh that plays an important part in the overall wellness.”

According to her, instead of calorie counts, this diet provides a detailed list of foods to be avoided or included and it also specifies the portion and exercise. Anjali further explains the diet that should be followed by each blood group.

Type O: You should consume a variation of high-protein, low-carb diets. You can eat meat, fish and olive oil. Eat eggs, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits in moderation. It is recommended to stay away from dairy products. Pair up your diet with various aerobic exercises.

Type A: You must avoid all kinds of red meat and minimize the intake of dairy products. Eat a mixture of vegetables, beans and cereals. Idli, dosa, pasta, roti, bread, moong dal, channa dal, soya roti etc. are excellent for people with this blood group. This vegetarian diet should be combined with a more gentle exercise such as yoga.

Type B: You are lucky to have the least dietary restrictions. You can eat most food groups including meat, dairy and vegetables. Pulses like moong dal, channa dal, lobhia, rajmah are extremely beneficial. Fast paced workouts like hiking and cycling are good.

Type AB: You have the best immune system of all the blood groups. Type B allows you to eat most foods, while type A suggests a vegetarian diet. So, people share the individual advantages and disadvantages of both the blood types. High-intensity workouts are essential.

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