Your astro style quotient

It’s not often that you’ll consider your sun sign while choosing your clothes and accessories. Height, complexion, figure — yes, but who’d think your sun sign was a factor to consider in choosing your wardrobe.

As an Arian who values her independence, you’ll be most comfortable choosing clothes with simple styles and fabrics that don’t stifle you.

A Taurean no matter what the diva quotient will want her clothes to compliment her lifestyle. So comfort is the keyword for her.

As a Gemini with many sides to her personality, the mantra is to dress versatile. Don’t be afraid to experiment and you may be stunned with the results.

A Cancerian will, most of all, want her wardrobe to be in sync with her sensitive nature. Stay away from zardosi or embroidery that’ll poke at you, and be faithful to soft fabrics and you’ll be happy.

A Lioness at any age will have a regal air around her and will want her clothes to complement that. Take inspiration from the erstwhile royal wardrobes and build your own style.

As a perfectionist Virgo, no matter what you’re wearing; it’s gotta be the way it was meant to be! Don’t get drawn in by bargains as you’ll most likely never get around to using them.

Libra’s legendary fine taste and eye for beauty means you’ll be the happiest with a exclusive and exquisite wardrobe, even if it means buying half the number of pieces anyone else would’ve bought in that budget.

As a Scorpio, you won’t be content until your wardrobe is an extension of your personality. You want to dress to give people a little dekko inside you.

As a Sagittarian, you crave a no or low fuss wrinkle free wardrobe. Don’t be tempted by clothes that require maintenance, no matter how pretty they look; it’s just not you!

A Capricornian wants a practical wardrobe that speaks of simple understated style. Not one to make loud statements with her clothes or otherwise.

An Aquarian loves to be in charge. So jeans, cargos and leather pants paired with high-heeled boots will work best for you.

As a Piscean, influenced by your element water and your dreamy creative nature, feel free to experiment with unusual colors and patterns but stick to fluid shapes.

Now you know how the zodiac can help you kook good and feel better!

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