Youngsters high on speed living

“Speed living” is how the youth plan to ride the highway of life. GenN has swapped the “next” tag for  the “now” and then sky-rocketing career graphs tell the tale.

Why wait for anything?” implies the latest ad mantra that’s struck more than a chord with today’s “want-it-all-never-compromise” youth. Beyond careers, recreational pursuits, lifestyles and all the material possessions, they can’t do without – it is life and the fulfilling of all its expectations that young Hyderabadis can’t be patient about. “Speed living” is how they plan to ride the highway of life.

Actor Bindu Madhavi wants it here and now and is willing to sweat for it, “I am a go-getter and won’t wait for anything. Not just material things, but even life itself, I honestly believe that the whole funda of losing something to gain something is passé. I can get my version of perfection only if I work hard for it. Life’s too short to wait for things to happen. Speed living is a fact for me.”

GenN has swapped the “next” tag for the “now” and their sky-rocketing career graphs tell the tale. Praneeth Isaac, a student nods, “Most people I know want it all. The perfect career has to have the perfect salary, the perfect work environment and the perfect job description. It’s all or nothing. We are spoilt for choice and know that there is always something else in store. So, we shift jobs the moment we want to. It is one big leap after another.”

No one takes a bigger leap than actor Navdeep, known to live life hard and party harder. “Life today is about speed and we are all high on it. The possibilities are limitless; we can in fact have it all. The older generation can sit back and discuss about how over-ambitious we are, but we are actually  doing it all and living life to the fullest in the fast lane,” he says.

But the signal flashes amber with a word of caution from ad man Rahul DaCunha, creative director, DaCunha Communications, “If you look at the lifestyle angle of the ad, the connect is very strong. It seems to me that youngsters today are hell bent on accomplishing everything by the time they reach their 30s, achieving all they want without stopping for a breather. Though living in the fast lane is an undeniable trend now, one wonders what these youngsters will have left to do once they hit their 40s.”

Spoorthi Reddy, a grad student and party-goer, agrees, “My generation as a whole lives for the moment. It is not about choosing one or the other; it is more like hurtling towards everything all at once, about exploring new avenues constantly. But this tendency to dive head-first into everything makes us lose the value of things too. We know we will taste everything, and this makes the flavors more diluted.”

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