Yediyurappa, CM Bommai rule out differences in K’taka BJP

Bengaluru, Dec 15 (IANS) BJP Central Parliamentary Board member B.S. Yediyurappa and Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Thursday ruled out any differences between them.
Rumours were rife in party circles and political corridors that former Chief Minister Yediyurappa was again snubbed by the party and was being disallowed to take up campaign tours by himself.
As per the sources, Yediyurappa is upset with the treatment meted out to him and it will affect the party in the upcoming Assembly elections.
Party insiders have maintained that Yediyurappa was not invited to major programmes organised by the ruling BJP in Karnataka and got the invitation to attend a programme with party President J.P. Nadda in the state at the last minute.
However, Bommai, talking to reporters in Koppal, ruled out any kind of differences of opinion with his mentor and former chief Minister Yediyurappa, and said that they share a father-son relationship.
No difference of opinion will come on any occasion. Those who are expecting that to happen will be disappointed. “It is a big lie that the invitation was not extended to Yediyurappa for any function because of which he is upset with the state leaders”.
Clearing the air, Yediyurappa said that they don’t have any difference of opinion, confusion in the party. “The party has not neglected me, we are united. No one can finish off anyone. I have my own strengths. I have built the party,” he stated.
“Party President J.P. Nadda is arriving at Koppal and I am attending the programme. Earlier, I was not in a position to go to Koppal to attend this programme. Now, the situation has come where I should be going there and I am heading there,” he explained.
Chief Minister Bommai is also participating in the programme. “We do not have any difference of opinion. Both will participate in the event. I request media friends not to create confusion. We are united and we will remain united,” Yediyurappa stated.
Yediyurappa further stated that, “We have one agenda of bringing the party to power. I will put in required hard work. I will tour the entire state. There is a pro-BJP wave in the state. There will be more programmes involving the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Party President J.P. Nadda.”
As a result of this, BJP is going to attain power in the upcoming Assembly elections in the state, he said. “The party has not neglected me. I am attending all programmes. I didn’t attend the government function in Chamarajanagar by myself.
I don’t need an invitation to attend public functions and I will carry out my duties. The information that I got an invitation at the last minute for today’s programme is false. I was not in a position to go. Now that Nadda is coming, I have to go,” he stated.
He stated that the argument that there is a conspiracy within BJP to finish him off is imaginary. Yediyurappa reiterated that the people of the state knew that he had strived to bring BJP to power in the state. aceNo one can just finish off anyone. He has his own strengths. I will continue the same and there is no difference of opinion,” he said.

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