Year ender 2017: 10 things that offended Indians

New Delhi: From a mother breastfeeding her child, to a woman dressing the way she wants or a film being showcased, here are 10 things that offended Indians this year.
Indians are known to take offence at the smallest of reasons. Getting slighted is like second nature, thus it was not difficult to list 10 reasons that offended Indians over the course of 2017.
Firecracker ban in November: After SC banned sale of crackers in the National Capital, many Hindus were clearly offended with what they felt was a propaganda against their faith and Hindu festivals.
Sunny Leone’s ‘unsanskari’ ad: Let’s face it, we Indians get offended whenever the term condom crops up. Be it in societal settings or when men are asked to wear one. Thus it was not surprising that many did not like Sunny Leone’s unsanskari Navratri-themed condom ad.
Priyanka Chopra meets PM Modi: Well, the world may move on, but women in India are still not allowed to dress the way they want to. Priyanka Chopra wearing a dress while meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi, thus did not go down too well with purists.
Jawed Habib apologizes for ad: While many Bengali’s did not find the advertisement hurting their sentiment, having grown up in a cosmopolitan setting that celebrates art, a lot of people did find it offensice. Jawed Habib had to apologize for an ‘offensive ad’ because religious sentiments, it turns out, is fairly easy to hurt in this country.
Irfan Pathan’s wife shows hands. How dare she: This another one from the purist brigade, Irfan Pathan’s fans were offended because his wife was being too Un-islamic by showing her arms and wearing nail paint. Again, how can a woman in this country dare to be so, modern.
AIB gets roasted: Freedom of speech, what is it? AIB was caught in the fire yet again for making a meme on PM Modi.
Hindus get offended by creativity: Many Hindus in Australia and in India were offended by an Australian ad showing Lord Ganesha committing the sin of eating beef.
CBFC gets offended, multiple times: The Censor Board was offended by the content of Danish Girl and cancelled its TV premiere and CBFC was offended by Hanuman Chalisa in the film Phillauri.
Lisa haydon breastfeeding does not go down well: Lisa Haydon offended trolls who it seems managed to get offended by seeing a photo of a mother breastfeeding her child, because, hey! That’s not natural!
Padmavati: Fiction became reality and historical even as people got offended by creativity getting displayed on celluloid. Padmavati is yet to see the light of the day.

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