‘Yamraj’ helps police with Covid-19 awareness in Andhra’s Kurnool

Kurnool, April 1 (IANS) With Covid-19 numbers on the rise in the state, the Andhra Pradesh Police have resorted to various innovative measures to create awareness of the deadly disease. On Wednesday, police in a town in Kurnool, took the “help” of Yamaraj, the Hindu god of death, to drive home the message of coronavirus and its dangers.
It was a strange parade, but one that made the people of Dhone town watch with interest. Theatre artistes dressed up as Yamaraj and his assistant Chitragupta rode motorbikes down the street. There was yet another Yamaraj, atop a four-wheeler, with police in tow, while Chitragupta walked sedately beside.
There was even a coronavirus devil pulled in for the job of sending the fear of Covid-19 in the people.
The unique initiative to use theatre artistes was the brainchild of local Circle Inspector Sudhakar Reddy. Working along with local social service organisations, he co-opted theatre artistes Balija Sankar, Drama Sekhar and Narayana for the presentation.
“This is one way to show people that they should follow the lockdown regulations, otherwise it’s like an invitation to Yamraj,” Reddy told media persons.
Andhra Pradesh has been proactively enforcing lockdown regulations with the help of its volunteer force, numbering nearly 3 lakh, but the state has been under pressure following the return of around 400 people – many suspected Covid-19 cases – from the Tablighi Jamaat event at Delhi about two weeks ago.

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