Would you rather work from home?

With anytime-anywhere technology, people seem to think the office is unnecessary. In fact, according to a recent survey conducted by Cisco, they actually seem to think it’s a burden. And that’s not all, nine out of 10 Indian employees think they’d be more productive if they worked from home, while 78 percent would prefer a lower salary for more flexibility!

Seriously wonder who “these” employees are because we can think of at least five reasons why the office is absolutely necessary…

The home is supposed to be this wonderful place you come to after a long tiring day at work. Are you sure you want to crowd it with the bothers of work?

Since you aren’t under his nose anymore, your boss is more likely to monitor you with check-up calls and incessant pings! Plus, why would you want to be bombarded with calls to “get this done or that fixed” at 9:00 p.m. when you are enjoying a nice meal with your family?

It’s a mindset — working from home is often perceived as taking the day off! So why would your boss sanction two weeks for you to holiday in the Himalayas, when you are on a perpetual vacation?

Working from home is an expensive  affair. While you would normally go to work and enjoy the air-conditioning, telephone lines, unlimited coffees et al, you’ll be running up your electricity, phone and Internet bills too!

Imagine this. You are in the middle of a negotiation with a client and your little one starts yelling her lungs out for some attention. Kaput goes that big-ticket deal!

P.S: You might just find yourself forfeiting Sundays in bed for some alone time with your BB! After all, technology allows you to work from anywhere at anytime (evil grin).

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