World endorses India’s foreign policy, supports its war against terror in J&K

New Delhi, May 13 (IANS) The international community has endorsed India’s foreign policy and its war against terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir.
The world rejected the Pakistan propaganda when New Delhi announced its decision to scrap Article 370, a temporary provision in the Constitution, in 2019.
Now, it has not paid any attention to Pakistan’s tantrums, which it has thrown ahead of the G20 meeting slated to be held in Srinagar on May 23 and 24 this year.
Pertinently, India’s independent foreign policy even earned appreciation from a detractor like former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan.
Khan praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led regime for taking the decisions in the interest of its citizens.
He announced that Pakistan was a slave to the West and was unable to take fearless decisions for the welfare of its citizens.
It may be recalled that when Narendra Modi took over the reins of the country in 2014, he had promised to the nation that India would emerge as one of the most powerful countries in the world. He has remained true to his word. He has worked relentlessly to put India on the top.
Imran Khan was ruling Pakistan when the PM Modi-led regime on August 5, 2019, announced its decision to scrap J&K’s special status and bifurcate it into two Union Territories.
Imran Khan knocked the door of every country, including the Islamic nations, to put pressure on India to reverse its decision but all the countries closed the doors on Khan by making it clear to him that they cannot interfere in India’s internal matters.
Khan had to return dejected. He realized that India has defeated Pakistan diplomatically as the entire world endorses India’s stand and respects its decisions.
G20 summit in Srinagar
Exactly three years after revoking the Article 370, PM Modi led dispensation announced it would hold a G20 summit in Srinagar, summer capital of J&K.
Pakistan once again opposed the decision by throwing tantrums. It called on the G20 countries not to attend the meetings to be held in Srinagar as “J&K is a disputed territory”, but none of the G20 countries paid any heed towards the hue and cry raised by Pakistan. They confirmed their participation in the tourism working group meeting scheduled to be held in Srinagar on May 23 and 24 this year and ignored the Kashmir rant of India’s unruly neighbour.
India respects the sovereignty of all
India’s independent foreign policy has made it clear to the world that it respects the sovereignty of all the countries and won’t allow any other nation to disturb peace in its territory.
It’s in place to mention here that Jammu and Kashmir had remained a challenge for all the regimes that came into power in New Delhi after 1947. No government was able to merge J&K completely with the Union of India which led to Article 370 remaining in vogue for seven long decades.
However, the PM Modi-led regime “bit the bullet” and ended J&K’s 70-year long status-quo.
In his first in the office from 2014 to 2019, Prime Minister Modi did a complete homework on J&K and soon after assuming power for the second term in 2019 it ended all the confusions and ambiguities surrounding J&K.
World support
The international community has supported all the moves of PM Modi-led regime and has lauded its zero-tolerance policy towards terrorism. As of date the entire world is supporting India in its war against terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. It has rejected Pakistan’s propaganda and has backed India.
During the past nine-years, Pakistan has been exposed. Entire world is aware of the fact that Pakistan is a breeding ground for terror and it grooms terrorists in its backyard. New Delhi has been nice with the nice people and has pushed back difficult people.
The Gulf countries coming forward to invest in Jammu and Kashmir is yet another example of India’s successful foreign policy.
The Gulf countries by deciding to invest billions of dollars in J&K have sent a clear message to Pakistan that they have full faith in India and its policies.
Multiple challenges
The PM Modi-led regime has faced multiple challenges vis-a-vis J&K, but it has put in all the efforts to instill a sense of confidence, to give that sense of hope, and security to J&K people and the foreign investors.
After 2019 things have changed for the better in J&K. Economy has grown, new employment opportunities have been created. Entire ecosystem has become vibrant despite Pakistan making desperate attempts to disturb the peace.
On the diplomatic front, India has taken a lead by making the world aware about its clear and transparent policies.
The world has understood that India is a progressive nation and its emerging as the fifth largest economy in the world is ample proof of the fact that it’s in the right hands.
In the 9-years of PM Modi’s rule India has driven home a point that no one can take the country for granted. Talks and terror cannot go together. People are the fountainhead of power and their interests are supreme.
Soft approach abandoned
New Delhi has given up its apologetic and soft approach. By carrying out surgical strikes in 2016 and Balakot airstrikes in 2019, India gave a befitting reply to terrorists that they cannot intrude into J&K and get away with their acts.
It’s not only Imran Khan who has praised India’s foreign policy, the entire world has lauded the efforts of the present regime in India, and many leaders have gone on record to say that they are “impressed”. Many nations are following the footsteps of India and are keen on making their relationships stronger with New Delhi.
India not an aggressor
The PM Modi-led regime has made the world understand that India is not an aggressor but it cannot tolerate aggression.
India after attaining G20 Presidency last year has ensured that representatives of the most powerful countries in the world, who attend the summit, should know that India stands for peace, tranquility and development and wants all the countries to prosper. New Delhi’s decision to host one of the G20 meetings in Srinagar has put the summer capital of J&K on the global map and has sent a message to the world that Jammu and Kashmir is no longer a conflict zone. Pakistan sponsored terrorism has ended and people are living their lives peacefully.

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