World at ‘turning point’, Putin says at V-Day speech

Moscow, May 9 (IANS) As Russia celebrates Victory Day, President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday said that the world was at a “decisive turning point”, with a “real war” being waged against Moscow.
In his address to the nation from Moscow’s Red Square to commemorate the erstwhile Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany during the Second World War, Putin said Russia was defending its sovereignty, reports the BBC.
He likened Ukraine’s democratically elected government to the Nazis that were defeated in World War Two, accusing the West of forgetting who defeated the Nazis.
The President further claimed that Russia wanted a “peaceful” future, and blamed the West for sowing seeds of “hatred and Russophobia”.
Putin added that everyone in Russia was united in supporting the soldiers taking part in what he described as the country’s “special military operation” — what Moscow terms its invasion of Kiev.
The President also said he is proud of soldiers who are participating the so-called “special military operation”, adding that Russia’s statehood and future depends on these people.
“There is no cause stronger in the world than our love for our armed forces,” Putin said, adding: “To Russia, to our armed forces.”
The day started with a military parade with the march of the Honor Guard’s banner group carrying the Russian national flag and the legendary Victory Banner across Red Square, TASS News Agency.
The Victory Banner was hoisted over the Reichstag by soldiers of the Soviet 150th Idritsa rifle division in May 1945.
This year Victory Day Parade involves over 8,000 troops, including 530 fighters of the “special military operation”, and 125 items of military hardware.

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