Women have more stamina than men, says study

New Delhi: A new study says that women have more stamina than men. According to the research, women have more staying power than men which means that they can beat men in gruelling ultra-marathons that can last days.
A manโ€™s strength decreased 15 per cent more than it did for a woman after repeating an exercise 200 times, the study found.
It adds to a growing body of evidence that women are better at endurance events.
Women were once though to be too weak to compete in marathons with the first woman competing in one in 1967. Her name was Kathrine Switzer and she was disguised as a man.
Women only got to compete in the marathon at the Olympics from 1984 onwards.
Last year, cyclist Lael Wilcox become the first woman to win the Trans Am, and it was followed by women runners taking five straight victories with 42 year old Caroline Boller setting a new course record at the Brazos Bend 50 mile trail race in Texas.
Brian Dalton, professor of neurophysiology at the University of British Columbia, Canada has revealed that women are considerably less exhausted after natural, dynamic muscle exercises than men of similar age and athletic ability.
He tested the theory out by asking study participants to do calf raises and discovered a dramatic gender advantage – for the women.
Power recordings from the males fell by 15 per cent more than their female counterparts, after 200 repetitions.
Professor said: โ€˜The answer is pretty definitive: women can outlast men by a wide margin.โ€™

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