Women And Overcoats

December 14, 2010 : The chill in the air and the biting cold thereafter certainly calls for all women to invest in a good quality overcoat. This fall do get into the list of the most fashionable women with stylish overcoats. Well if that sounds pretty cool- read on!

Overcoats come in a varied array of cuts, fabrics and colors. However the trick is to stick to the basics like fawn, black, brown or beige. An occasional pure white or an off white shade does help to pull up the style quotient at formal dos. Yet when it comes to daily wear, it is wiser to stick to the all time favorites of the basics.

Now, what is the right length to choose while investing in an overcoat? Well, the standard length is to keep it just at knee length or a little longer, but not longer than that. An overcoat looks best when it has a sleek cut and a simple A -line fall. However, these days there are a lot of different styles like the straight or the little flowing cut to give it a different look.

The best way to judge the right look of the coat would be to try it out before taking the ultimate plunge. Remember this is a very important part of your wardrobe -so take ample time to decide which color, cut and style would suit your personality. Try avoiding straight cuts if you desire a slightly feminine look. To avoid looking bulkier avoid picking up a flowing one.

So if you are one of those who are planning on investing in a great overcoat soon, start speculating right away.

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