Woman’s distress mail to UK Prime Minister sends MEA, Delhi police into tizzy

New Delhi, Aug 27 (IANS) A woman in her forties created quite a stir after she addressed an email to the Prime Minister of Britain and threatened to kill herself if she didn’t get assistance within 2 hours.
Due to the sensitive contents of the email, the Indian embassy in London swiftly got into action mode, as it contacted MEA officials in New Delhi and sought an immediate response as the life of the victim appeared to be at stake.
Police said that on August 26, a woman residing in Sector 21 of Rohini sent a mail to the UK Prime Minister saying that ‘If help is not met out in 2 hours, would commit suicide’. When the information was shared with the Delhi police by the FRRO, a team was swiftly formed to locate the woman and rescue her.
The police undertook a physical checking of all the houses in Rohini’s Aman Vihar area after they failed to locate the address mentioned in the email.
It was around 1.00 a.m. when the police conducted physical checking in each house of the locality, questioned security guards and eventually managed to locate her house after a tiresome exercise of 2 hours.
The Police staff got suspicious when they received no response after they reached the house and called the fire brigade. Just as the fire brigade were about to throw open the main door of the house, a woman appeared from within. She seemed fraught with anxiety and fear.
Inside her house, the police and fire brigade staff found around 16 to 18 cats. The entire house and its occupant were stinking leading the rescue staff to realise that the woman required medical attention.
“During the course of counselling, she revealed that she used to be a teacher in MCD School but left the job due to some personal reasons. She further revealed that she is a divorcee and had incurred some loans a few years back. Due to some reasons she also failed to pay EMIs. This stress of financial burden has taken a serious toll on the mental health of the lady,” said PK Mishra, DCP Rohini.
Two psychologists and a doctor were called in to address her problems or to advise if the police should obtain the requisite assent of a concerned Magistrate to shift her to IHBAS hospital for further treatment.

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