Without foot overbridge, Hoodi station users flirt with danger

Bengaluru: Hoodi Railway Station, which was inaugurated last September, has seen a steady increase in patronage, but users have to often put their lives to risk due to lack of basic amenities like foot overbridge.

The bridge was meant to be built with four months after the station inauguration but the work is yet to begin, thanks to procedural delays in fund allocation.
Currently over 1000 people use the station and many of them are forced to walk across the tracks to change platforms.

“A large number of people board trains at Hoodi station. They risk their lives while moving from one platform to the other to board trains. The foot overbridge is urgently needed,” said Sanjeev Dyamannavar, member, Praaja RAAG group.

For construction of the station, area MP P.C. Mohan had contributed Rs 1.75 crore from the MP Local Area Development Fund in 2016 and an additional Rs 1.12 crore was to be granted for South Western Railways to construct the bridge.
However, Divisional Railway Manager Sanjiv Agarwal said they are yet to receive the funds. “We are still awaiting the MP funds. The collector has to release the money. It is taking some time from their side,” he added.

Mohan, on the other hand, felt the Railways needs to follow it up more often with the Deputy Commissioner (DC). “I have done my part and allocated the funds for the overbridge. It is confirmed and the money will reach the SWR. I have also sent a letter to the DC office as well. These things take time and the Railways have to also put some effort to follow it up,” he added.

The Citizens for Bengaluru (CfB), which was at the forefront in the campaign for suburban rail, said Hoodi Station should be developed to aid commuters residing and working in Whitefield and Mahadevpura areas. However, with the funds for the bridge caught in red tape, rail commuters have to put their lives at risk while boarding trains.

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