Will wellness tourism grow due to Covid-19?

By Siddhi Jain
New Delhi, May 10 (IANSlife)
The roller coaster ride that was 2020 brought the biggest dip in modern history, forcing individuals to adapt to major lifestyle changes while the world shifts focus to taking preventive measures so that people will not get infected by Covid-19.
People have started to look for ways to help improve their physical health and pay attention to their mental health, leading to the rise of wellness tourism and health-centered vacations, says Homer Lim, Medical Director of The Farm at San Benito.
As more and more people turn towards nature-inspired and wellness-focussed stays away from urban buzz, especially as many countries begin to cautiously reopen borders, Lim foresees medical wellness resorts like The Farm contributing to the national tourism industry in terms of medical travel and wellness tourism — bringing in new stream of travellers such as wellness enthusiasts, health seekers and conscious consumers.
”Aside from being an eco-sustainable business and green destination, The Farm also offers various medically-supervised health promotion, disease prevention, immune support programs, and healthcare insurance accredited medical services. The Farm secured the necessary permits and managed to reopen its doors since May of last year to continue its services as a medical wellness facility,” says Lim.
The property, surrounded by a green forest, is part of CG Hospitality — the hospitality arm of Nepal-based conglomerate CG Corp Global. It has also become a favourite for celebrities and entrepreneurs who have adopted the concept of wellness workation, where they combine wellness, work, and holiday.
A certain population of people who developed Covid-19 infections may suffer from “Post-Covid Syndrome” that can last up to six months from infection. This is characterized by persistent symptoms that may include mental fog, cough, loss of taste and smell, fatigue, occasional difficulty breathing, muscle and joint pains as well as digestive issues, according to Lim.
To address this, the wellness resort’s team of medical experts came up with a post-Covid recovery program inclusive of daily nutrient-rich organic vegan meals and detox juice, holistic consultation, brain biofeedback, live blood analysis, colon cleansing, acupuncture, vitamin infusion, liver compress, energy healing, immuno cell renewal, steam therapy, ozone therapy, with daily complimentary mindful and functional fitness activities such as yoga, mandala flower meditation, sound healing, power walk, wellness talks and more, says Lim.
Requiring a swab test upon arrival to maintain its Covid-free status, The Farm in the Philippines is an example of how the booming wellness industry might change in coming years, with it offering programs for the immune system. Like other holistic programs, it includes psycho-emotional sessions that attend to the guests’ mental health and emotional state — two things that can be severely affected as people feel isolated while following quarantine protocols, says Lim.
It also has programs to manage work-related chronic pain issues, as well mental health for work-related depression, stress, and anxiety. Programs are planned and conducted by internationally trained integrative medical doctors and mental health experts.
“Now that vaccines are being distributed to the public, one must not forget the importance of the immune system for these to work, as well as other preventive measures like wearing masks in public, avoiding crowds, and handwashing. The pandemic still poses a threat at this point, and using all the tools available is the only way to ensure victory. Through proper planning and observing the right precautions, people can triumph without having to put their life at a standstill. In time, the world will be sure to overcome this global issue that is Covid-19,” concludes the medical expert.
(Siddhi Jain can be contacted at siddhi.j@ians.in)

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