Will Pratigya and Krishna Drift Apart Or Come Closer?

Star Plus’ ‘Pratigya’ has been riding high of late and seeing the increasing popularity, the makers of the show plan to introduce a certain twist in the show in this mega episode that is to be telecast on the 4th September.

According to a source, the promo of the episode has already been released and is a tricky one. The misunderstandings between Pratigya – Krishna might not get cleared and the situation between them might simply worsen.

Pearl Grey was spoken to, but she gave a totally dissimilar take on the episode. She said that the pair of Pratigya – Krishna wouldn’t drift apart, however might just take a step backwards right before consummating the wedding.

The episode will mostly be about Pratigya, who would soon realize that the only remaining way via which she can make him recognize her love for him, is by totally surrendering herself to him. She has realized that all her labors haven’t worked and complete submission to Krishna, is the only way to win his confidence.

Pooja Gor, who essays the role of Pratigya reflected Pearl’s words and said that the character of Pratigya, would soon surrender herself to her lover, Krishna. She would do this in order to win his love and confidence back.

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