Will not ‘butter’ up people for votes, says Gadkari

Nagpur, March 27 IANS): Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari, known for his casual, candid, and blunt remarks which some times evoke controversies, on Monday emphatically declared that he was not ready to “butter up” people for the sake of votes.
“I stubbornly carry out many experiments, including biofuels and watershed conservation in the country. If people like these, it’s ok, otherwise don’t vote for me. I am not ready to apply more butter for the sake of popular politics,” he said his address at the Dr Mohan Dharia Nation Building Award ceremony organised by a local NGO here.
Gadkari said there is a lot of scope for experimentation in areas such as water conservation, climate change and proper use of waste land, and work is being done diligently in those areas.
“I do it with love,” he said.
“In the future, we have to work vigorously in this field, because it can change not only the economy of India but also the face of rural areas,” he said, adding that a lot of work has been done in this regard so far.
The Union Minister also said that he has initiated several such works across the country.
“If people like it, people will vote for me, otherwise they will reject me. I am not ready to put any more butter for sheer vote bank politics,” he said, adding that if he is not suitable for the people with such works, “they can replace me with someone else”.
Gadkari, a former BJP national President, said that politics is not a money-making business, but also means social works, to solve national issues, and carry out developmental works. “Socio-economic transformation is the main goal of politics,” he pointed out.
He also said that sustainable development is the key to success in the modern world.
“Without an environment, the development will not sustain and in the modern world, development is equally important.”

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