Why PM did not name China, again: Chidambaram

New Delhi, July 4 (IANS) Former Union Minister P Chidambaram on Friday questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not naming China as an “aggressor” while speaking in Leh during the day, wondering aloud if he had done otherwise in his telephonic talks with US and Russian presidents.
“For the third time in a week, the PM did not name China as the aggressor. Why? What is the purpose of talking about an unnamed ‘enemy’ to the people of India and the jawans in Ladakh?” the senior Congress leader tweeted.
He said that the country wants to know if Modi named China as the intruder or not while talking to Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.
The Congress leader also alleged government silence on satellite images “showing Chinese troops occupying key positions in places hitherto considered as undisputed Indian territory”.
“The PM has still not answered our questions about where the violent clashes took place on June 15 between Chinese and Indian troops and if the Chinese have intruded Indian territory at several points,” the former Union minister said.
Amid ongoing tension at borders with China in eastern Ladakh, Modi paid a visit to Leh and forward locations this morning to review the security situation on the ground.

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