Why Oppn approached SC after elections were announced, asks Imran

Islamabad, April 4 (IANS) Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday questioned the Opposition as to why they approached the Supreme Court after fresh elections were announced, Geo News reported.
His remarks came during a live question and answer session on Monday, in which he criticised the Opposition for running away from the elections, saying that the Opposition is scared of PTI’s popularity.
“When elections were announced, what is the Opposition doing in the Supreme Court? The Opposition wants an NRO II,” he said in his opening remarks.
The premier said the country will never move towards development unless the Parliament has people who actually think about the country’s betterment.
“We will give tickets to people with vision this time. We did not know how to contest elections [earlier], but now we do,” Khan said.
He added that forming a government by buying members is a negation of democracy.
Khan went on to say that the Opposition has been saying for three-and-a-half years that the government has failed and that the government is “selected”.
“We have now announced the elections on the request of the Opposition,” he added.
Talking about the ‘external conspiracy’ to overthrow the government, Khan urged people to protest outside the Red Zone on Monday.

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