Why not divide J&K into four states to ensure security?


By  Dr. M. K. Jain

Martin, TN: I want to add to the opinion —  Pak must be made to return occupied Kashmir to India —  by Uday Shanker Kasinadhuni published in India Tribune dated May 8.  The legal aspect of the matter remains buried under the Cold War politics, British’s divide-and-rule policy, and Nehru/Congress’ utter stupidity.

Nehru ran to the UNO and ordered immediate   ceasefire not  delaying for  few  days to allow army to complete the mop-up operation when Pak surrogate Kabalese were on the run. Reality now is that Pak will never return PoK to India and ultimately LoC will become international border.

Pak was carved out of India under the Act of British Parliament and if Pak refuses to abide by it  must cease to exist and become part of India as was the pre-l947 map. Under this Act, each princely state was given an option to accede to India or Pakistan or remain independent. J&K Maharaja Hari Singh opted to remain independent but did not build a strong defense force. When Pak waged a proxy war sending Kabalese, Hari Singh signed an instrument accession, which brought J&K under the umbrella of India and legal authority to defend it against invaders. Super powers, including British flouting its own Act of Parliament, go on flouting this Act when going on backing Pak.

The world silently watched hollow case and uprooting of Hindus and Sikhs in l947 in Pak under the nose of Jinnah (women and children raped subjected to unimaginable cruelty) and no one was brought before world court and tried like the Yogoslav dictator. Those uprooted fled to India living as refugees until settled. The second holocaust came in J&K when Kashmiri Pundits were uprooted making them flee  to India who still  live as refugees with no hope of return because secularists cashing on minority vote-bank. Nothing is said about their plight.

I am willing to volunteer to write a book on those holocausts if some group can come forward to finance its printing and world-wide circulation to fully expose Pak. I can be contacted at 731-587-2153.

J&K consists of four regions- Jammu (Hindu majority), Kashmir Valley from where Pundits have been uprooted, Laddakh (Buddists)   and rest of Kashmir. If UP and Bihar can be divided and if the demand for Telanga state is being considered, why can’t  J&K be considered for division into four states — Jammu, Kashmir Valley, Laddakh, and rest of Kashmir — so that each can protect its citizens from terrorists and provide security? That will also result in each state to launch development programs.

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