WHO recommended disinfectants effective against COVID-19: Study

London, April 20 (IANS) When used correctly, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended alcohol-based hand disinfectants to be effective against the novel coronavirus, as confirmed by the international team of researchers.
For the findings published in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, the research team headed by Professor Stephanie Pfander from Ruhr-Universitat Bochum (RUB) in Germany, exposed Sars-Cov-2 viruses for 30 seconds to the WHO-recommended disinfectant formulations.
“This time frame was chosen based on recommendations for hand disinfectants,” said Pfander.
Subsequently, the team tested the viruses in cell culture assays and analysed how many viruses remained infectious.
“We showed that both WHO-recommended formulations sufficiently inactivate the virus after 30 seconds,” Pfander said.
Plus, this does not merely apply to the WHO solutions; rather, their main components, the alcohols ethanol and isopropanol, also showed adequate inactivation of the virus.
The disinfectant one recommended by the WHO consists of 80 volume per cent ethanol, 1.45 volume per cent glycerin and 0.125 volume per cent hydrogen peroxide.
Disinfectant two consists of 75 volume per cent isopropanol, 1.45 volume per cent glycerin and 0.125 volume per cent hydrogen peroxide.
The WHO also recommends the use of disinfection chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite, chlorine, bleach solution (in recommended dilution) for disinfecting surfaces and objects.
According to the global health agency, the most effective way to protect yourself against coronavirus is by frequently cleaning of your hands with alcohol-based hand rub or washing them with soap and water.
The WHO’s report showed the virus infects people of all ages, among which older people and those with underlying medical conditions are at a higher risk of getting infected.
People should eat only well-cooked food, avoid spitting in public, and avoid close contact, the WHO said, adding that it is important for people to seek medical care at the earliest if they become sick.

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