Where there is a scheme, there’s a scam in Bengal: Modi

Kolkata, March 21 (IANS) Launching a blistering attack on the Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress government in West Bengal, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said ‘asol paribartan’ (real change) in the state would ensure that the benefits of Centre’s schemes reach the poor.
“BJP will bring the ‘asol paribartan’ in Bengal. The game of corruption, the game of syndicate and the game of cut money will come to an end. After the BJP forms the government, Maa’er pujo hobe, maatir tilak hobe aar manusher somman hobe! (The worship of Goddess Durga will happen, the land of Bengal and its people will be respected),” Modi said at an election rally in Bankura district.
Urging the people of the state to vote for BJP, the Prime Minister said that the Trinamool Congress-led state government will go on May 2. He added that he will not let her kick out development in Bengal.
“Where there is a scheme, there’s a scam in Bengal…Didi, you keep saying ‘khela hobe’ (the game is on) while people of Bengal have decided that this time ‘khela shesh hobe’ (the game will end this time)… Didi jacche asol paribartan ashche (Didi is going and real change is coming),” he pointed out, adding that development is necessary for Bengal.
Modi said that the top priority would be given to development if BJP government comes to power in the state. Confident about BJP’s win, he also said that the picture of Bankura is a witness that people of Bengal have decided that “Lotus” will bloom in the state on May 2.
“Do May, Didi gai (Didi will go on May 2)…The entire region is proof that Didi and her state government has only played with the sentiments of people in Bengal for the last 10 years…Many of our tribal friends including late Ajit Murmoo have lost lives due to Trinamool’s khela,” he said.
The Prime Minister added: “If you want to get rid of corruption, vote for the BJP. To bring development in Bengal, vote for BJP.”

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