When Indians and Israelis come together, amazing things happen: Israel PM

Bengaluru, Nov 17 (IANS) Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Wednesday said when India and Israel come together, amazing things happen.
He described India as one of the biggest countries featuring among the biggest economies in the world enjoying a vast digital expertise, adding that Israel is one of the leading innovation nations of the world.
Bennett was delivering his speech, in virtual mode, at the inaugural session of Bengaluru Tech Summit. “The fusion of two civilisations and two deep cultures are remarkable. I believe in that fusion. I believed it then and I believe it now, he said.
While sharing his experience of working with Indians when his company was merged with an Indian company, he said, “We can turn our great partnership into a powerhouse of innovation. Technology doesn’t just have the power to help lives, it has power to save lives.”
The combination of creativity together with practicality, the combination of innovation and entrepreneurship, the combination of Indian and Israeli creativity and imagination and velocity have the power to do amazing things” Bennett said.
“If we join hands and put our minds to the mission, the opportunities are endless. I always say, amazing people can do amazing things,” he underlined.
“I like to share two of most important lessons that I learnt from my years, the first and most important thing when you have found company, the single biggest decision you make is not what the product is, not how the market is, or not who your investors are, it’s who your partners are, who you are going to do it together with,” he explained. “And you have to choose optimistic people. Smart, people,” the Israel PM added.
“My second biggest lesson is ‘do act’ and ‘make things happen’. Don’t anticipate too much. It’s not just about innovation, it’s also about entrepreneurship. Bring in ideas to fruition and make it happen. Practicality, pragmatism and productivity have the power to achieve technological solutions,” he said.
Keep doing great things and keep dreaming and keep making those dreams reality. “The future belongs to those who innovate, the future is right here sitting in this room, you are the leaders of tomorrow. I hope to travel to India pretty soon,” he concluded.

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