What Do Your Shoes Say About You?

Forget men, diamonds, or choco-  lates — we all know that when it comes to the crunch, shoes are ultimately a girl’s best friend. Those stilettos will always fit even 10 years after you’ve bought them, and if they are a classic, chances are they will never go out of style!

A recent statistic revealed that women will buy an average of eight pairs this year, with half of them investing in at least one new pair a month (and we still can’t find the right pair for a Saturday night!) Shoe guru Meghan Cleary has spent years studying women’s relationship with their footwear and believes it reveals a lot.

“The type of shoes you own can show your state of mind and mood, especially in summer, when our boots are locked away until winter. You might be a Crocs wearer on a Sunday but a stiletto girl on a Friday night,” she says. In her book, The Perfect Fit, Meghan identifies up to 30 kinds of shoe personalities. “Most women have two or three categories of shoes they’re comfortable in,” she says. Wonder where you fit in? We’ve identified the eight main shoe categories and asked the experts to reveal what they say about you.

Whether you come out of the house to go to the mailbox in fuzzy bunny slippers or to the mall in UGG boots, what you wear says alot about who you are. All shoes convey some kind of message about us, our personalities and our tendencies. Wearing flip-flops all the times says that you are laid back and somewhat of a lazy type of person that doesn’t care much about what people think of you. High heels say that you see yourself as sophisticated and sexy. But color plays a part also. Red heels tend to say that you are sexy and sophisticated with a little bit of wildness in you. Black pumps or heels says that instead of being wild you are more conservative in public but can be wild in the appropriate settings.

Loafers tend to give an impression that you are always in business mode and rarely let your hair down for a good time out. Tennis shoes of course tend to say that you are into fitness and health and you frequent the gym. The type of tennis or athletic shoe you wear makes a difference as well. Low top canvas shoes shows that you like to be not so flashy and buck the trends and go for a more laid back but fun approach to life. Cross trainers say that you will probable be seen jogging the neighborhood in the early morning or walking laps at the mall. High top tennis shoes show that you are serious about your sports and you frequently hang out with a lot of friends being active. 

The courtly court: “Court shoes are a classic work or job interview shoe,” says designer Jonathan Kelsey, who worked for Jimmy Choo before leaving to design his own shoes. Courts are easy to feel confident in, while still being comfy — whether in the office or out for drinks. According to Meghan, anyone who favors courts will be a loyal and reliable friend. “Her values are basic: work hard, get paid well, use your brain, and treasure your friends and family.”

Ballet flats, loafers, and pumps: In a US study, men were asked to look at women’s shoes and imagine who the owners were. One woman wore a pair of vintage designer flats, and the men guessed she was a 50-something divorced accountant. Actually, she was a 27-year-old who worked in PR and loved skydiving. Just goes to show how wrong men can be about “sensible” shoes. “Flat-shoe wearers have a lot of drive, diplomacy, and get the job done,” says Meghan. They’ll solve friends’ problems as well as their own.

Thongs and flat sandals: Like to feel the breeze on your toes? You’re a thongs girl, who loves to keep things natural. “The only make-up you need is sunscreen,” says Meghan, although she feels the transition from poolside to all-occasion wear can go too far. Thongs show you have a relaxed “resort” attitude, living at an easy pace but, she warns, “If you wear them to work with a suit, it can give the wrong impression. Flats are the ideal compromise, suggests Kelsey.

Sculpted heels: This girl is fashion-forward, sculpture heels were first seen on the catwalks of Dior, Chloe and Givenchy. But they don’t suit everybody’s style, warns Nichole. “They’re best worn with a simple outfit so that they’re the stand-out feature, otherwise the overall look can be too busy,” she says. The sculpture-heel girl is shoe-obsessed and would much prefer for you to comment on her footwear than her clothes. Basically, she would gladly suffer for fashion.

The killer stiletto: Okay, we know they give us bunions and bad backs. In fact, in a recent survey, a quarter of all women admitted to wearing crippling shoes just to stop their partner moaning that they were a waste of money. But they look so good. “It’s a power thing. If you’re towering above people, your confidence peaks. I have friends who wear specific pairs for when they want to conquer the world and get a dream date,” says Jonathan.

The trainer: The average woman owns nine pairs of trainers, which shows we love to dress down – but this doesn’t make us sofa-bound slobs. One poll found that people, who bought more than three pairs         of trainers a year were 61 percent more likely to display leadership qualities than people, who didn’t wear trainers. They’re also more likely to be assertive and spontaneous. “Whether she’s dashing to the gym or around town, the trainer wearer loves being in motion,” says Meghan.

Platform heels: “These are for the girl who wants to party all night – without waking up with blistered feet next day, says fashion director Nichole Adolphe. “Platform heels are comfortable to walk and dance in, and have the added benefit of extra height.” The platform wearer wants to stand out from the crowd (literally), but isn’t so fashion obsessed that she’d let a pair of skyhigh stilettos cut short a good time. “Wearing platform suggests you’re ontrend but still practical,” adds Nichole.

Peeptoes, strappy heels, and wedges: “These are ideal for summer parties, cocktails or just to show off tanned legs,” says Jonathan. Both our experts agree that strappyheel wearers like to be looked at and admired by others. “She considers her feet an asset so she loves to show them off,” says Nichole. The peep-toe, however, reveals a little, but not much. Wearers of either type of shoe are very comfortable with their femineity. Wedges show you can balance sexiness with being grounded.

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