Western Railway deploys ‘Yamraj’ to discourage trespassing

New Delhi, Nov 8 (IANS) The Western Railway on Thursday launched an innovative campaign in Mumbai to spread awareness, save lives and discourage trespassing.
In pictures shared by the Western Railway on micro-blogging site Twitter, a person dressed as Yamraj is seen carrying people attempting to cross railway tracks on his shoulder.
As per Hindu mythology, Yamraj is the lord of death and justice.
“This Yamraj ji saves lives. He catches people who are endangering their lives by trespassing the railway tracks, only to save them. This Yamraj picks up people to release them safely. Please do NOT cross tracks, it’s dangerous,” the Western Railway tweeted.
The post from Western Railway has gone viral and attracted hundreds of memes, jokes and funny reactions.
Here are some reactions on the Yamraj tweet:
A women tweeted: “It’s very nice social message to teach valuable lesson to those commuters not following the safety rules #Andheri #Yamraj. Hope people learn from this awareness drive for their own wellbeing.”
“At #andheristation, new initiative taken against people who is crossing railway track #yamraj is coming to pick them up,” another user tweeted.
A person with the usnername @srivastava_neh tweeted: “#Yamraj on Special duty! Kudos to @WesternRly & #RPF for this innovative awareness campaign about the dangers of trespassing & crossing railway lines. Other zone must come up with the similiar ideas in order to curb the menace.”
“Personal safety is important and there is always someone waiting. So don’t let “Yamraj” wait for you. Don’t cross railway line by foot but use foot over bridge. Same should while crossing Highways,” another tweet read.

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