West Bengal: Party workers on way to file nominations for Panchayat polls beaten by TMC goons, says ISF MLA Nawsad Siddique

Bhangar (West Bengal) [India], June 14 (ANI): Indian Secular Front (ISF) MLA from West Bengal’s Bhangar, Nawsad Siddique on Tuesday alleged that when his party workers went to file nominations for the upcoming West Bengal panchayat polls, they were beaten up by Trinamool Congress (TMC) goons.
“When our party workers went to file nomination, they were beaten up by TMC goons,” he said. Speaking about the security situation in Bengal, the Indian Secular Front (ISF) MLA said that the Opposition is being beaten up everywhere in the state ahead of the upcoming Panchayat polls. The Election Commission should appoint a special observer for every booth, he said adding that security should be provided by the local administration and the local police.
“In West Bengal, the Opposition is being beaten up everywhere. So every place has become sensitive,” he said calling for central forces to ensure the security situation in Bengal. “State police is not sufficient in ensuring everyone’s security. People will not come out to vote if such a condition prevails,” he warned.
Siddique also alleged that his party was not invited to the all-party meeting called by the Election Commission despite being the third-largest party in the state “No one invited us to the all-party meeting called by the EC though we are the third largest party. We will take this up legally,” he said.
On being offered bribes by the TMC he said, “The TMC used to offer bribes in the form of cash or promising ministerial berth to join them. We will not betray our people who have voted for us.”
Earlier on Tuesday, violence broke out in Bengal’s Bhangar as the ISF accused TMC of stopping its candidates from filing nominations for the panchayat elections.

Courtesy: (ANI)

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