Wedding traditions from around the world: Test your knowledge

In which country is the traditional musical wedding march called the “Zaffa” performed?

Egypt. They have traditional Egyptian music, belly dancers, drum horns and performers with flaming swords. Egyptians also believe that the ring finger has the “vein amoris”, the vein of love, which runs straight to the heart.
How long does a traditional Moroccan wedding ceremony usually last?
Four to seven days. After the couple say their vows, and before the new bride can become the mistress of her new home, she must walk around her house three times.
What color signifies happiness when used in a wedding in China?
Red. Red signifies love, joy and prosperity and is used in several different ways in Chinese wedding traditions. The homes of both the bride and groom are usually decorated in red on their wedding day.
In what country is the bride-to-be painted in pure white from head to toe?

Japan. This is done to show the bride’s maiden status to the gods.
What color is it custom for an Israeli bride to wear with her wedding dress?
Blue. This custom originated in ancient Israel. The bride would wear a blue ribbon to symbolize her fidelity.
Wedding receptions in which country feature a wedding cake called kransakaka?

Iceland. This cake is made by creating “wedding rings” of almond pastry of different sizes piled on top of each other to form a pyramid. Swirls of white icing decorate each ring and in the center you find fine chocolates or decorative candies.
How many bands does a new bride in Sweden wear on her wedding day?
One is her engagement ring, another is her wedding ring, and the third is a ring for motherhood.
In what country might the friends of the bride plant a tree in her yard and decorate it with ribbons and painted eggshells?

Czechoslovakia. According to legend it is believed that the bride would live as long as the tree. The night before her wedding her friends also give the bride a crown of rosemary to represent wisdom, love, loyalty, and remembrance.
In which country are church weddings not considered official?
Russia. Couples wanting to get married must exchange vows at a Russian marriage civil ceremony. The bride and groom are given bread and salt to symbolize health, prosperity, and long life.
The custom of the bride wearing a white wedding gown began in which country?

France. This tradition began several hundred years ago. The French also started the tradition of the hope chest. The French call it the bridal trousseau.
What has long been the flower of choice for a girl getting married in Spain?

Orange Blossom. The Spanish believe that since the orange tree produces fruit and blossoms at the same time its flowers represent happiness and fulfillment.
In early American weddings what accessory would Victorian brides wear with their wedding gowns?

Gloves. The gloves were symbols of modesty and romance. Take the ‘g’ away and you have a ‘pair of loves’.
In which of the following would a Priest performing the wedding ceremony bless a plate of coins and give them to the groom?

Puerto Rico. After the couple ex-chan-ges vows the groom gives the plate of coins to his bride, which she keeps as a present from her husband. The coins represent good luck and prosperity for the newlyweds.
In which country would the couple getting married exchange wedding rings when the engagement proposal takes place?

Chile: While engaged the couple wear the rings on their right hand. After they are married the rings are switched to the left hand. This is also a tradition in Argentina.
In which country does the mother of the groom and the father of the bride escort the couple down the aisle and stand next to them during the ceremony?

Argentina: Bridesmaids, a maid of honor, or a best man are not part of a traditional wedding in Argentina.
What is placed on top of a wedding cake in Bermuda?
A tiny sapling. After the wedding, the newlyweds plant the young tree and watch it grow as their marriage grows.
On which Pacific Island does the groom present a valuable gift to the bride’s father?

Fiji: This present should be a whales tooth which symbolizes status and wealth.
To mark the start of the newlywed’s life together, the bride’s and groom’s parents carry a fire from their hearths to the new couple’s home and light a fire, in which country?

South Africa. The 12 symbols of life important in the African culture are: wine, wheat, pepper, salt, bitter herbs, a pot and spoon, a broom, honey, a spear, a shield and a copy of the Bible or Koran. These are often part of the wedding ceremony.
In which country is it a custom to build an arch of pine branches in front of the bride’s family home?

Denmark. This arch is called the      Gate of Honor. When a couple celebrates their silver anniversary another Gate of Honor is built.
In which country is the bride’s wedding ring is called a Clad-dagh ring?
Ireland The ring is a  heart held by two hands with a crown. Faith is represented by the hands, honor is symbolized by the crown, and the heart signifies love.
In Switzer-land the bride wears a crown or wreath symbolizing what?

Maidenhood. After the ceremony the wreath is removed and burned. It is considered good luck if the wreath burns quickly.
In which country might you find a pinata hanging from the ceiling?

Mexico. It is usually shaped as a heart or an animal. Children swat at the pinata and the treats are shared by all the guests.
In ancient times brides from which country wore wedding veils of yellow or red which represented fire?

These colorful veils were supposed to ward off evil spirits and demons.
In which country was it an old tradition for the newlyweds to sneak out of the reception without saying good-bye?

Venezuela: Sneaking out was considered to bring good luck to the marriage. This is not done very often any longer (if at all).

Traditional weddings in different countries
A traditional wedding is always a good stylistic choice, but what constitutes traditional varies with the country and the culture you live in. In America, and many other Anglo-Saxon or Western countries, it is synonymous with grooms in black ties and tails, a white wedding dress for the bride, a best man and made of honor, and so on.
However, as an alternative choice many people choose to have a wedding following a different tradition than the one above. Here are some of the more popular wedding styles from other parts of the globe.

A traditional wedding in Italy
If you have always dreamed of having a traditional and romantic wedding day, actually getting married in Italy may be just what you and the one you love have searching for. You can have traditional weddings  that take place in a castle near Rome, following in the footsteps of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise exchanged their vows. Or you can opt to have your wedding on Lake Como, the very same place where James Bond recovered from his injuries from a car accident in the latest movie Casino Royale.
There are many amazing cities in Italy where you and your intended can choose to have traditional weddings. Popular destinations are Venice, Florence, Tuscany and Umbria, to name just a few of the cities that cater to weddings to remember.

Chinese wedding tradition
The Chines have one of the oldest wedding tradition, going back over 2400 years in history! The people of China remain true to these age-old rituals to this very day. The traditi
onal Chinese wedding dance displayed here will give you an idea of the general atmosphere.
What is still an important aspect in a traditional wedding in China is that it is the two families who are being joined together through marriage and they are both enhanced by this new bond. Like the wedding ceremonies in many other traditions, it all begin with the proposal.
Chinese traditional weddings feature Asian culture at its finest and can be made into a fascinating and unique wedding for you.

South African traditional weddings
Traditional weddings in South Africa are usually conducted in a small village. The bride wears a gown made out of beads and other authentic African materials. A traditional wedding in the South African style could very well be held at a deserted beach where you and your guests can enjoy the feast after you and your partner say your vows.

Modern versions of traditional weddings
Thanks to the Internet, getting new ideas for that very special day in your life is easier than ever. In this article we have looked at a few of              the options available to you, but you can easily find many more just by searching for it. When you discuss  with other brides and grooms, you will certainly come up with new and refreshing twists to the traditional wedding theme.

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