We are progressing by going back to roots: Ranveer Brar

New Delhi,(IANS) Celebrity chef Ranveer Brar says people have realised the importance of local food sources, and are progressing by going back to their roots.
“In this day and age, we are progressing by going back to roots, we have realised the importance of, and are consciously supporting local and hyper-local food sources,” Brar told IANS.
“There is increased appreciation of homemade food. Where we would simply zonalise cuisines at one point in time, we now talk about not just regional, but sub-sub regional cuisines as well, and most of these are predominantly humble home foods. In this scenario, I believe that this show will tick all the right boxes when making a connect with the audience at large,” added the chef, who is seen in TLC’s web series “Home Made Love”, he said.
“Home Made Love” is food-based short format series. For the show, Brar has teamed up with his mother and some other mothers too from across various regional and cultural backgrounds to make some lip-smacking dishes.
“Essentially the idea comes from the appreciation (actually under-appreciation) of an Indian senior homemaker, which was the base inspiration behind my web series ‘Maa ki Baat’. It’s amazing how a mother translates her love for the family into food, amongst other things she does for the household. But how many of us turn around and ask — ‘Maa, tujhe kya pasand hai?’ (What do you like, mother?’. So for me, food seemed to be the best medium to give her that credit; the perfect ode to all she does for her loved ones”.
The chef says he regards Indian cuisine “under three categories — Royal food, Street food and Home food”.
“While the first two have had and continue having their fair share of recognition, evolution and popularity, home food has been this silent presence in all our lives. It is what we grew up having, what families bonded over. And the major credit for this significance of home food goes to a mother. Be it my web series ‘Maa ki Baat’ or ‘Home Made Love’, they have only gone on to further evoke my intrigue and appreciation for homemade food,” he said.

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