‘Operation Samosa’ in Canada


Toronoto: An al-Qaeda-linked terror plot was unearthed by Canadian security agencies on August 25, with one of the suspects reportedly hailing from India.

Under what is curiously called “Operation Samosa,” the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) arrested two suspects early on August 25. One of them said to be named Misbahuddin Ahmed, who was born in India, but had lived for a time in Saudi Arabia. Misbahuddin Ahmed, 36, worked as an X-ray technologist at an Ottawa hospital. Search for more suspects is on.

It is the second al-Qaeda-linked terror plot to be unearthed in Canada after the Toronto-18 plot of 2006, in which 18 Toronto area Muslims were arrested for plotting to blow up Canadian targets, storm Parliament, take leaders hostage and behead the Prime Minister. Eleven of these plotters were convicted.

Terror suspects arrested on August 25 were under watch of the national security task force of the RCMP for months.

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