Voting rights for NRIs


By Jyoti Mukherji
Norcross, GA:
Recently the government of India has passed a law that will allow  Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) to cast their votes in general elections. On the face of it, it sounds a good gesture, but this legislation has following flaws:

(1) It allows only NRIs holding Indian Passports to participate; (2) NRIs must live in India for six months; and (3) NRIs must vote in person. 

These requirements are very tough and I am afraid not many NRIs living in  America, Canada and other Western countries will fly to India just to squander away their votes for a shrewd politician, who will become corrupt and will do nothing for the welfare of the people who elect him.

India may be a largest democratic country as far as the population is concerned; but many of its citizens do not know how to read or write and they cast their votes from choosing symbols. Most educated people don’t care who runs for the office and who gets elected, because they are tired of scandals, corruptions and inefficiency.

Many foreign countries, including the US allow their citizens, who live abroad, to cast their votes by going to the American embassies or consulates and even by mail.

So what’s the use of India passing a law that does not make sense?

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