Voices against dissenters rising in Congress

New Delhi, March 2 (IANS) The first voice against senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad has been raised in his hometurf in Jammu with scores of party workers raising slogans against him, even burning his effigy.
The Congress has called J&K state President Ghulam Ahmed Meer to Delhi to discuss the scenario.
Meer said that he is dismayed over the double speak of Azad praising the Prime Minister in a recent event in Jammu, with sources in the state unit saying they are embarrassed for welcoming the dissenters in the party.
Sources in J&K Congress said that Azad praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi who withdrew the statehood of the erstwhile J&K. It also said that Azad was not present in the Valley during the recent DDC elections.
Sanjay Nirupam, former chief of Mumbai Congress, tweeted that those who got everything from the party are now raising issues of organisation and showing concern, but their motive is to damage the prospects of Congress in the ensuing Assembly elections in five states/UT.
Earlier on Monday, senior Congress leaders Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury and Jitin Prasada had hit back on party leader Anand Sharma for questioning the Left-Congress alliance with the Indian Secular Front (ISF) in West Bengal.
In a Twitter war within the party, Sharma had on Monday objected to the Congress-Left-ISF alliance in West Bengal, saying that the core ideology cannot be compromised, adding that the Congress cannot be selective in fighting communalists, but must do so in all its manifestations.
“Congress’ alliance with parties like ISF and other such forces militates against the core ideology of the party and Gandhian and Nehruvian secularism, which form the soul of the party. These issues need to be approved by the CWC,” Sharma had said.
Bengal Congress President Chowdhury replied to Sharma on Twitter, while the party’s Bengal in-charge Prasada also took a jibe at his party colleague.
Adhir tweeted, “Know ur facts @AnandSharmaINC ji”.
He said the CPI(M)-led Left Front is leading the secular alliance in West Bengal of which Congress is an integral part.
“We are determined to defeat BJP’s communal and divisive politics and an autocratic regime, @INCIndia has got its full share of seats. Left Front is allocating seats from its share to the newly formed Indian Secular Front. Your choice to call the decision of CPM led front ‘communal’ is only serving the polarising agenda of BJP,” Chowdhury said.
He also urged the dissenters to work for the party, saying, “Those who are committed to fight against BJP ‘s venomous communalism should support the Congress and campaign for the party in five states rather than attempting to undermine the party by remarks in tune with BJP’s agenda.
“Would urge a select group of distinguished Congressmen to rise above always seeking personal comfort spots and stop wasting time singing praises of PM. They owe a duty to strengthen the party and not undermine the tree that nurtured them.”
Prasada also took to Twitter, saying, “Alliance decisions are taken keeping in mind the best interests of the party and the workers. Now is the time for everyone to join hands and work towards strengthening the prospects of the Congress in the poll-bound states.”

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