Video calls, Whatsapp become new trial room for selecting wedding outfits amid COVID-19

New Delhi, Oct 29 (IANS) With the easing of restrictions and decreasing fear of COVID-19, the people of Delhi are moving back to the markets to shop for festivals and the wedding season.
While the COVIID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of things including the adopting of hygiene habits and the social distancing norms, the shopping patterns of the customers too have changed.
The wedding shopping which earlier saw the whole family accompanying the bride or groom to select their outfits has now shrunk to one or two members. The consent from the other members is these days being taken through video calls or sending photos wearing the selected option through Whatsapp.
Speaking to IANS, Jeetu, a salesman at a store of ethnic brand Manyavar, said, “Earlier there used to be the whole family or the bride squad or the groom squad used to come to choose the outfit, but nowadays, only two or three people accompany the buyer and if they want any other opinion in their buying decision, they use video calling for the same.”
“Technology is becoming the choice of the people so that buying also takes place and the social distancing norms are also not put at stake,” he added while adding that as compared to the previous seasons, the sale has remained just 40 per cent.
He further informed that mostly serious buyers are coming and only one or two are window shoppers and even if they want to explore options they are visiting the nearby shops and take their buying decision. “Quick buying is taking place these days as mostly serious customers are coming to shop these days,” Jeetu said.
Meanwhile, Suresh Verma, who has a jewelry shop in south Delhi’s posh South Extension-1 market told IANS that with the festive season coming closer the customer response is increasing as it is much better than what was there initially when the lockdown was lifted.
“We are trying to attract the customers by means of Whatsapp and other online modes and through Whatsapp, we have also started receiving responses. For small items like earrings etc, the customer can see the images on Whatsapp and order it and the same would be delievered to their homes.”
“However, for bigger items, they would need to visit the shop to check and be physically satisfied with the product that they are buying,” he added.
He added that while customers come for physical buying, the hygiene and social distancing norms are being maintained and when the shop is filled with more than one customer, they are asked to sit on alternate sofas and the staff too wears gloves and masks in order to maintain highest safety standards.

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