Vibrant Gujarat Summit to have seminar on Indian talent pool

Gandhinagar, (IANS): The Gujarat government will be holding a seminar on “Repositioning Indian talent pool on a global frontier” during the upcoming “Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2019” to take India as a lower middle income country to higher middle income group category.
“We want to undertake a skill gap analysis of the growing work force in the country, enhance the quality of talent pool and showcase the potential of this work force to the global business community. We want to take Gujarat and India’s talent pool to the next level which can compete with global talent innovations and leadership,” said Mona Khandhar, the Rural Development Commissioner.
“Gujarat is a global leader in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, textiles and auto industry and India stands tall as a leader in IT and startups. We will see how the other lagging sectors’ gaps need to be filled and how to provide additional setup to improve the efficiency so that they also make a mark at the Global level.
“We also would like to improve upon the income level so that the per capita gross income which is directly related to efficiency. We will also see how to provide an ecosystem for human resource development,” added Khandhar.
Interacting with the media, Additional Chief Secretary (ACS) Vipul Mittra said: “More than having the longest coastline and the best infrastructure Gujarat’s strength lies in the manpower which is a big strong point for the state. We will be focusing on this during the Vibrant Summit.”
“Gujarat stands first in the country in skilled manpower. Every year 1.5 to 2 Lakh youth pass out from the 287 industrial training institutes (ITI) in Gujarat. Out of the 4 lakh apprentices in the country 75,000 are from Gujarat itself. We also don’t have problems of industrial strikes, bandhs etc. We want to project Gujarat as was skilled manpower hub we want to take talent pool of the state to the next level,” said Mitra.
The seminar will have two sessions showcasing global trendsetters and breaking the creating and efficiency barriers. Showcasing global trendsetters will focus on fractals that contributed in making global leaders of Gujarat in pharmaceutical textiles it will have panelist like P. Kunhikrishnan from ISRO, V. Swaminathan from Kotak Mahindra, Pramod Chaudhary, Pratibha, Pratul Shroff e-info chips and Mr Siwan Menon from Sangiti.
The second session will have Yasmin Ali Haque from UNICEF and professor Rajesh Nair from MIT, Suresh Goyal from Macquarie, Ahmed Sukarno from VGA and Dr Shailendra Raj Mehta from MICA.

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