Vastu tips for work from home

Most of us are working from home due to the Covid-19 outbreak, and during this difficult time we need some positive energy which can help us come out of this situation. On one side it is easy to work from home at your own pace, but on the other side, it can be difficult to juggle family and work time. Because we are used to working in a professional office environment, it becomes hard to work at home because it is our comfort zone. In such circumstances, Vastu helps set up your home office to create positive feelings and make a professional work environment. Vastu always helps to increase productivity and that helps us grow.

The best part about these tips is that if you work in an office, you cannot control factors such as the direction you work in or the furniture placement. Working from home gives you the flexibility to apply Vastu principles in your life. Choose a quiet corner, preferably on the south or west side of the home. Try to work on the first or second floor, and steer away from the basement. Having natural light in your office is a pro. If you work in sales, marketing, technical support, customer service, computer programming, education or medicine, it is beneficial to face east when working from home. If your work involves accounting, banking or finance however, it would be best for you to face north

According to the ancient Indian science of architecture, there are special norms to follow based around furniture which will help make your home office Vastu compliant. Have your chair backing the west as you are facing the east. Place the table in front of you. The shape of the table also matters, the most preferable shape of the table to work on would be a rectangle or square. The interior should be a light or bright colour. Motivational posters or paintings of natural scenery are always a good touch. Globes, clocks, and other desk pieces can help create the feel of a work environment at home. Wood furniture is recommended throughout the office, from the desk to the cabinet drawers.

Natural plants are nice to keep as they bring a bit of the outside world inside. Keep a small table fountain near your desk in the North-East corner, which has a soothing noise that allows you to focus on your work and gives you something to look at; these are just some small changes that you can make to improve your experience working from home. These tips can contribute to enhancing your productivity, happiness, and success as we deal with these difficult times. Stay home and stay safe.

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Ask the Expert
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Q: Which is best direction for the pantry or food storage as per Vastu Shastra? Shweta, Georgetown ON

A: Generally, the pantry or food storage is near the kitchen in our home, but according to Vastu Shastra, look for available places near the North-West or West corner to store all of your food. Basically, the air corner keeps your grocery or vegetables fresh. Also, the pantry should have some kind of ventilation.

Q: I am a medical practitioner, what is the best direction for me to sit.? Kiran, Richmond VA

A: According to Vastu Shastra, facing East is most favorable direction. East is the direction which gives you confidence and the vision that helps you diagnose. It also helps you find the best cure for patients.

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