Vastu Tips for New Year

Vastu Shastra is the Indian science of architecture and is among 64 ancient Indian arts which are called Vastu Shilp Shastra. Vastu plays an important role in our lives and with correct knowledge of Vastu Shastra, you may bring Peace, Prosperity and Happiness. Nowadays everyone is trying to be happy but individuals have different definitions of happiness. In such a complex world, it is difficult to keep everyone happy and satisfied. Although, Vastu does help to bring happiness among family and friends or employees and employer. Since it has to do with the structure of the home or business, it makes it easier for rearranging furniture and bring harmony among each other.
The New Year is the most awaited celebration throughout the globe and it comes with lots of new growth, fun, travel, and social opportunities. So, to have your Wish list fulfilled, we need to work hard in the right direction that can bring us near our goal. Secondly there are some sayings that whatever you do on first day which is on the day of New Year will repeat for rest of the year. Every culture, race and ethnicity has a different way to celebrate the new year; but the final goal of every individual is to have the upcoming year very successful from a Health, Wealth & Wellness standpoint. So now let’s see what Vastu Shastra brings on the table for society’s well-being.
Nevertheless, every individual wants growth and fame, as both goes together to bring prosperity. Most importantly one needs shelter to live, either its own, rented or provided that binds you. So what are Vastu tips one need to keep it in mind that can help each individual who lives in that house. Try to have some plants for the entrance of the home; such as basil, rose, or any natural flowers. That helps to bring positive energy to your home and brings happiness. Secondly do not keep any black items or unfinished sculptures in the entrance, since the main door is the front face of the home. Try to use the East entrance once in a day. Keep some welcoming mural at the door that enhances positive approaches towards guests.
Education and knowledge are key things in everyone’s lives. As we know, knowledge is power and to have that intellectual environment in our home, we need to create a corner or room in our house. Preferably, the East or North-East is a good corner for this. This corner will help to create spiritual harmony among your family members. If you have a growth mindset among family members, you will have harmony in family and that is a step towards growth.
Have a place to pray, no matter what religion you follow or have multiple religions. Have some spiritual activities at home so that your kids can learn. Generally temples can be in the North-East corner if it’s possible, but otherwise just pray facing East. It’s always been said if you have a temple at home then your home becomes a temple. So, if you have a place where you can invite the almighty, then keep that place neat & clean for God and make it a routine to pray any time during the day. Once you do “Pooja” you get recharged and you connect yourself with nature. As we say, god is great, so its fine where ever you can accommodate the god in your home but let’s have the Gods present where you live.
Most importantly who does not want to wealth, no matter in any form of wealth but that keeps us secure for rest of life. So, have specific place where you can keep Cash, jewelry, important documents and digital currencies. Mainly North is the right direction for wealth. If you do not have designated place for wealth, make sure you have a small safe or counter where you can keep valuables. Last but not least, have faith in God and help each other in their life goals, that Karma will help you in future when you need a push in life.

Happy New Year 2020.

Kalpesh Joshi.
Principal Vastu Consultant
Vastu Vision Inc.
1 888 41 VASTU (82788)

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