Vastu tips for fast food restaurant

By Kalpesh Joshi
Whether you are a business person or housewife, everyone has time constraints to meet. When we do get a break from our commute, we usually opt for some fast food to keep our bodies energized. Nowadays, fast food has become the premier option for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You could be on the go, or just really like the food, but fast food restaurants have important purposes in our lives. They could be inside a mall food court, a truck on the street, a train station or even at an airport. You also have a large variety of food available including the cuisine of different regions, countries or themes that support your dietary restriction. In any case, the body needs to be filled with some kind of food throughout the day.
Our choices are immense, with chained or franchisee owned businesses of fast food. Some fast food places offer authentic Indian food, which entails dishes from Gujarat, South India, Punjab, Rajasthan, and North India dishes. Similarly, Italian, Thai, Chinese, Korean, and Continental food dishes are equally popular in the market. The food business is always growing and making profit as long as the food has good taste, there is customer satisfaction and a good location. But even after all that, some business owners struggle to make ends meet. On top of that, fast food establishments that are not a franchise may have a difficult time maintaining standards when not helped by a parent corporation. In such situations, Vastu has a big impact on the fast food industry.
Buying or leasing a fast food establishment is a difficult task, as you need to choose the right location, food and staff. If with all that you have a Vastu compliant premises, there is no reason you can’t win. Food always attracts a specific crowd who likes your taste, price, presentation and your hospitality. These are the four pillars of the fast food restaurant business. Implementing Vastu principles is what will bring your business to the next level. The entrance has to be in the right direction based on the type of food or beverages you specialize in. For example, if you provide hot food, look for an East or South-East entrance. This will help you to grow as well as increase popularity. When it comes to the interior, it does not have to be overly complicated as your food is most likely grab and go material. However, you want your interior to be convenient. You should allow the customer to quick select, pay, pick up and go. Performing this sequence in a clockwise manner according to Vastu Shastra will do wonders for your restaurant.
Here we can discuss the preparation of the meals. Pre-cooked food items have to be placed in the North or West (depending on the food platter). At the same time, where the kitchen is facing is very important. The heating top, gas stove or platform along with the oven has to be in a specific corner. Generally, the South-East is the best, but it depends on the food items you prepare at this location. Now last but not least, the cleaning area comprised of the sink, dishwasher or steamer, has to be in the West direction. Keep all this in mind when you rearrange or redesign your fast food outlet to get the best results.

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Q: Any specific color for the home office according to Vastu Shastra? Vasudha, Mississauga ON

A: I understand most of us are working from home. In this situation, choosing the color according to Vastu will increase productivity. Choose a light or bright color that helps you to focus more as well as makes you feel active.

Q: Small business running from basement is advisable from Vastu stand point? Shweta, New Haven CT

A: According to Vastu norms, one should have a professional location. Multipurpose rooms have different energies. A location dedicated to work will help your business grow faster. Leasing is the better option in case if you cannot afford to buy.

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